Saturday, 25 July 2015

So in my last post I explained how I was reading 'This Changes Everything' and it is a really enthralling and scary perspective although very much the reality of how the world isn't really working towards a better future and economic interests are clouding our humanity. I'm on page 200 and there is a whole lot of information in this book, I do not doubt the five or so years Klein spent researching. Anyway, I wanted to talk about some of the books I've read recently or intend to read. I always read a lot when I was a kid but haven't really read many books since I left college other than the odd holiday book. I did read the first two hunger games within about 2 days one holiday and then searched every shop for the third only to find it in Greek which was pretty unhelpful. Anyway my newest order arrived today, Judy Juanita's 'Virgin Soul' set in 1960s America and told from the perspective of an eighteen year old woman fighting for liberation alongside the Black Panthers. I fell in love with the cover let alone the storyline so I'm quite excited to jump into the 300 or so page book soon.

Before Klein's book, my boyfriend and I spent a night in reading and I managed to finish 'Animal Farm' in about two hours whilst he reread 'Of Mice and Men'. I enjoyed it and the comparisons between the farm and the Big Brother presence in 1984; the constant battling between who's side are fighting against us or with us; and the willingness of people/animals to forget or rewrite historical atrocities. 

I've been meaning to read Life of Pi for a while, I refuse to watch the film until I've read the book so I took it to Spain with me but spending every second with my best mate meant very little reading time. I am undecided about Tansy Hoskins book because the cover brings a shiver to my spine, maybe its the hideous yellow shade against the grey background or the recreation of old fashioned, illustrated magazine covers... Something just doesn't feel quite right and having read mixed reviews on the book, I'm intrigued to see whether the content trumps the cover and my expectations.

Now last but not least, Russell Brand is such a hot topic at the moment, the Sun's inane tirade against him is as comical as it is absurd. The guy doesn't think he is jesus, yes, he is a terrible narcissist which he freely admits but if you watch his youtube videos or TV appearances, he just wants the best for people and what is honestly wrong with that? (Obviously it is wrong for people like Rupert Murdock and his control over the masses, his greed and oligarchy but that's a whole other blog post). I think Brand is a pretty good guy even if he is a millionaire, even if he is a recovering drug addict, even if he isn't actually that funny as a comedian... So I've gone and spent £3 on his book and I hope to find some revolutionary and spiritual insights.

It is probably gonna take me quite a while to get through them all but I'm chuffed that I'm back to reading more. Unemployment means lots of time to relax but even so I'm off to do the ironing, then some yoga and then continue changing everything with Naomi Klein.

Bee xxx

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't really posted in a while, been busy doing yoga, reading, drinking excessively with my friendship clique and enjoying my summer. 

Updates on my life:

I have officially joined the Green Party, I'll be honest, I voted for them in the GE but never got round to committing entirely until a few of my friends made me realise, why not? I strongly agree with their policies, I believe in their anti austerity measures, their environmental standpoint, affordable housing and a living wage for all. I also feel like the other parties are far too right wing for my beliefs, having been failed by the Lib Dems on student loans and the labour party by their incessant effort to steal tory voters by means of voting for austerity.

I'm honestly looking into Druidism, the summer solstice was such a beautiful time and I honestly feel more at home within nature and travel than in any corporate world. If you want to see a powerful (and slightly erotic) portrayal of Mother Nature with beautiful cinematography then look no further than Conservation International's short film, 'Nature is Speaking'. Julia Roberts slays (slay/slayer is my new phrase and I have honestly no idea where it has come from) so I'll let her speak for herself.

I've started reading a book that changes your whole perspective on climate change, aptly named 'This Changes Everything' written by an amazing young woman, Naomi Klein. It looks at the interconnection between Capitalism and Climate Change and the reasons why climate change deniers reject a concept widely recognised by 97% of Climate Scientists worldwide.

I also read Animal Farm, basically 1984 with pigs, interesting really, there will always be a ruling class? I don't know but I hope pigs don't take over the world. 

I'm still unemployed, I'm living off my student loan and although I'm starting to feel pressure to get another job, I'm also pretty happy and feel quite free. 

All of these things are influencing the research I'm doing for my dissertation which I start at the end of September when I return for my third year of uni. I've ordered Tansy Hopkins book, Stitched Up, and am excited to read her stand point on 21st century fashion and social, political, economic and environmental impacts.

Here are a few cheeky polaroids from Bournville Ale and Cider Festival and you can see my cute outfit against the glorious sunset.  I picked up the jazzy crop in Topshop (which is a unusual as I rarely find anything that looks good on me or that I can afford) and my usually conservative boyfriend liked it! I know women don't dress for men, and I'd probably have bought it even if he had spat at in disgust. Yet he actually liked this crazy, orange and yellow, uber seventies top and I was so proud! I paired it with my old school car boot Calvin Kleins and the cutest little clogs I got for my birthday.
A photo posted by Bee Cullen (@beerosecullen) on

A photo posted by Bee Cullen (@beerosecullen) on

Hope ya'll are good, never stop being a social justice warrior, its what they want!

Bee xxx

Sunday, 28 June 2015

So I had a really good night on Friday... Another 21st birthday celebration... It was fabulous until I dropped my phone down the toilet and lost everything. IF YOU ARE READING THIS STOP AND BACK UP EVERYTHING ELECTRONIC THAT YOU LOVE. I've been under the impression for the past four months since getting my new phone, that my photos were backing up to the cloud (or the htc version of it) and my trusty SD card. This was not the case.


Photos from my 21st birthday, my anniversary week away in our log cabin, photos from Spain, and we need a moment of silence for all the selfies that were lost.


So I've moped around, and yelled at my boyfriend and at my mom and dad and now I'm letting it all out through typing pretty damn aggressively but honestly, it hurts to lose memories. Photos are the trigger for memories using our poor 10% of brain capacity (I watched Lucy the other day, mainly for Scar Jo but it was pretty awesome, somewhat unfathomable but Morgan Freeman was in it too so anything sounds truthful when he speaks it, anyway she takes a drug that gradually builds up her brain capacity to 100 and lets just say, **** goes down).

Now, I am praising the lord for the Facebook uploads and my trusty Polaroid camera <3

Good old Polly saved the day and I've got so many gorgeous photos that can't be erased from a crappy electronic device. Instant film, what a wonderful gift to the world.

I apologise for the lack of photos in this post but check out some I scanned in from my friends birthday, think they sum up a messy but altogether memorable night.

 Bee xxx

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

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I think I said in my last post I was off to Spain to see one of my best friends for her 21st. We've been friends since we were tiny but she moved to Spain when we were 9 or 10. It was really sad but its great now because every time we meet, its like no time has passed and we can talk about anything. I love the photo above, I was the chubbiest kid ever and I don't look too ginormous in this photo (theres another where my many many chins are showing).

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Anyway, I think we've definitely blossomed. My friend is Kayleigh, she had some family over too and they were all hilarious and we had an epic time. I took advantage of my polaroid recording so many funny times.

The part of Spain where Kayleigh lives is gorgeous and she has some pretty awesome animals and the sunset from her front garden is pretty spectacular, but also pretty difficult to capture on film.

We had a great night playing pool and literally didn't go to bed earlier than 4.30am for a week straight (which is a triumph for moi because I can barely keep my eyes open most of the time).

Wore some great outfits but didn't really capture any good pics I'm afraid. Street style doesn't really work with the laid back Spanish lifestyle I guess. 

Hopefully be getting up to some exciting stuff soon so I can write all about that,

Bee x

Monday, 8 June 2015

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So I've been baking non-stop since I finished uni, flapjacks, cupcakes, lemon drizzle and my best yet, coffee and walnut cake. 

I used a recipe by the beautiful Nigella Lawson but used Nescafe Azera instead of the espresso powder she used and I let the cakes cook a little longer. I sprinkled the coffee into the butter cream frosting too. Now I'm not one to blow my own trumpet (that's a total lie) but damn, it was so good. The cake was a rich brown colour and so moist! 

Lets just say, the cake didn't last very long with my family and Jason now wants this for his birthday cake. He may have said it was the best cake he'd ever eaten but he also may be trying to get on my good side (I'm flattered either way).

I'm off to Spain for the week now to see my best friend from when I was really little. It was super sunny over the weekend so I'm already a tomato but I can only hope it turns brown and I come back from Spain looking like the bronze to my baking goddess trophy.

Bee x

Thursday, 4 June 2015

I had the cutest day out in Stratford yesterday with my fave girls. We went for a little shop and I bought the cutest, duck egg blue jumper with corseted sides from a charity shop. We had a meal and a free pudding(!) from the Pen and Parchment then went on the most beautiful boat ride along the River Avon. Little fact: Avon is the Celtic word for River but Roman settlers didn't understand this when they moved over so now Britain has hundreds of 'River Avons' which basically mean River River!

We were the worst on the motorboat, managed to drive under all the weeping willows and went down the little lanes which we wern't supposed to, they even let me drive (this is a pretty bad thing considering I am the worst driver in human history). But to be honest, I was a pretty good boat driver, I crashed yes but it was because I chose a ducks life over our own safety. His little face sailed past so close and we ended up in a wall and then when I switched places we managed to end up on a little rocky bay but we survived! That's what really matters, and it was so beautiful with the sunshine out.


We fed the ducks as well as taking some Polaroids with my camera which turned out so cute. Then we went for a milkshake at Blue Cow which was gorgeous and had a nice beer at the Dirty Duck. We were hoping to see Patrick Stuart as its meant to be his local when he's in Stratford but we missed him unfortunately.


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Pretty gorgeous day and I was so happy in my outfit. My yankees tee was an impulse buy from Cow Vintage when I was on placement and the vest top and bottoms were both from car boots. Little sandals from Primark and sunglasses and hat from Forever 21. You can see my Polaroid in its map case which I love so much, I got it from Amazon for a couple of quid and its beautiful.


We had the cutest day so I'm chuffed to share it with you all.

Bee xxx

Monday, 1 June 2015

So on Saturday, I went down to London to see Graduate Fashion Week. Traffic getting into London was horrendous because of the Villa game but I was well excited because its held in the Truman Brewery and I've never been to Brick Lane before. I enjoyed Spitalfields market and even got a cute flower headband for £1.

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I love Anthropologie, particularly the homeware because the clothes are much more formal than my own style and I enjoyed looking at the gorgeous clogs in Swedish Hasbeens on Boxpark. I remember reading about them a while back and falling in love with the shoes below but they look even more adorable in person!

Love this cute denim clutch that I saw, might try to recreate this at some point although my textile skills are pretty limited! I've got loads of badges I collected around America that'll look gorgeous.

I had lunch at Giraffe (begrudgingly because so close to brick lane, my curry senses were tingling) but it was amazing. The sweet potato fries were perfect and the falafel burger had halloumi and chargrilled pepper with tzatziki. Then we went around the GFW exhbitions, I loved the lingerie by this girl, her designs and presentation were gorgeous. I'm not into butterflies but the detail was gorgeous, even little flowers on the hang tags. I've lost her card so I'm a bit upset but her name was Emily Maria Jones.

I'll be honest, I felt overwhelmed by how much STUFF there was in the exhibition. Fashion design speaks for itself but Fashion business, marketing and promotions is much more repetitive (there's only so many booklets you can look at in a short period of time). It did get me thinking about how I'll present my work though, freebies get people excited and having something... anything other than a booklet makes you stand out. I saw textile print students with little hair clips and buttons and even little postcards were nice. To be honest, I was glad of the fashion show because my feet were hurting and I was bored of flicking through booklet after booklet.










Banks' designs were gorgeous and I think I must've been staring at the 90's revival denim rather than taking any good photos. I apologise for the quality of all these photos, I only took my little camera and some were taken on my phone but sometimes its just nicer to look through your eyes rather than a lense (or somebody elses bloody ipad screen, the cheek)!


A photo posted by Bee Cullen (@beebitches) on

I was really impressed with designs and if you want to see something crazy I'd look up the hair dress by Sarah Grose! Obviously, your final degree show allows a designer to be as creative and out-there as possible but I like wearable, comfy, classic clothes so Sophie Shakespeare and Emily Huggins really achieved that. The embroidered leather by Huggins reminded me of Christopher Kane circa A/W 2010 (one of my favourite collections in history) and the sunflower coat by Shakespeare was to die for.

Anyway, I'm glad I went because now I'll understand what I'm up against for my third year but I'm not looking forward to how hectic it is. One things for sure though, next year I will be celebrating by going for a curry on Brick Lane! 

Bee x

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