Wednesday, 20 May 2015

So on Tuesday I went on a pretty amazing two hour road trip across the desert. Took a few friends with me, it got a little trippy. 

To quote Tom Hardy, it was like 'Cirque du Soleil meets fucking Slipknot'. I am certain that Mad Max will be a legendary success. How anyone can possibly see/hear/dream of Tom Hardy and not fall in love is unconscionable to me. Although he wasn't the only lead role I was in awe of... Furiosa oh you beauty.

The strong female roles screamed out, from particularly sublime faces of models like Rosie Huntington Whitely. They kicked ass, again... and again... and again. I don't want to give out spoilers so I'm going to try to stay as calm and collected as possible but the anti-feminist backlash this film has received is laughable. 

I'd never come across a website filled with such hatred and discrimination until I saw 'Return of Kings', and that is saying something considering I've been on the Daily Mail homepage. 

"ROK aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men". My blood boils and my eyes burn and my fists tighten just reading their manifesto.

It was their review of Mad Max, aptly name 'Why you shouldn't go and see Mad Max: Feminist Road' which unfortunately brought me to their hate blog. I am still in shock at the hilarity and absurdity of this article. It basically says 'Men of the world, women are pretending they can actually fight, this film will trick you into treating the female population as equals so please do not be fooled.' I mean they are totally fine with believing in an apocalyptic desert universe where we still manage to have fuel although we waste it on a Slipknot tour bus to play songs for us in battle but actually believing that women could fight back against a patriarchal society that sees them as no more than breeders and milk cows? Well, that is obviously too far.

It comes to something when anti-feminists who label feminism as 'man hating' basically become 'man haters' themselves by limiting what a man is to pure masculinity. I'd quite like to live in a time that eradicates gender norms, practices equality and doesn't ridicule women for kicking ass. I hope you guys do too, Bee xxx

PS. I recommend everyone sees this film, its not just feminism, beautiful women and drop dead gorgeous men, there is a s**t tonne of fighting, flames, steampunk, crazy motor vehicles, apocalyptic war and sand, so much sand.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

It has been a really long time since I did Art and Design but the other day I came across this stitchure that I made whilst at BIAD. The story goes that I did Art, Photography and Sociology at college and never wanted to go to university. One day someone from BIAD came in to tell us about this amazing year of creativity and experimenting and I thought 'hey, why not?'

We dabbled in everything: photography; visual communications/graphics; 3D design; fine art; fashion design and fashion communication. I honestly loved it, it was the most relaxed place and it wasn't far away, just in Bournville (for those unfamiliar with Birmingham, Bournville is the village where Cadbury World is and yes, it smelt wonderful). One of my favourite pieces I created for my portfolio was this adoreable little embroidery piece based on a photo I'd taken in my favourite place in the world, Yosemite National Park. It took hours but it was worth it, definitely need to frame this baby in my house.

So I found these absolutely perfect embroidery pieces by Stephanie K Clark and needed to share. She manages to capture gorgeous homey scenes and even these kitsch pink front lawn flamingos! I read a fabulous story about how the man who invented them and his wife love each other so much that they often wear outfits in the same printed fabric. They even co-ordinate when they can't be together so they feel a connection... bloody adorable if you ask me.


Check her out at


The thin black outlines left unfilled and uncoloured on the foliage in some of these makes them slightly sinister but also show the precise thread work necessary for such artwork. It makes me want to give it another go myself, my fashion degree is great but there was definitely more room for innovation and experimentation with art.

I'll leave you with this little dog pooping on the front lawn,
Bee x

Monday, 18 May 2015

Had a pretty amazing weekend. It all started on Thursday night when I saw this advert...

THAT STRIPY DRESS. My heart stopped. Perfection. Thin straps. That deep V. The curved stripes. The sunset colours. The heavenly seventies vibe. GET ON MA BODEH!

Austin Powers references aside, wow. Boohoo you got me. I never do this but I logged straight onto their site and searched, and searched, and cried, and searched, and eventually had a panic attack when I couldn't find it. There was one, but it was on the EU site and I could not fit my heiny into a Size 8. I needed it for Friday night and there was even an offer on next day delivery. No luck. My heart sank, but during the searching I'd also found these two babies...

Ok so they're totally different. One is 'Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out' and the other is 'Rihanna, nice bandana'. What the hell, I'll have both I thought to myself. 

So Friday night was my friends Hannah's birthday and we were off to a swanky place in town called Purnells/Gingers bar. My parcel hadn't arrived, I'd fallen asleep by accident, I was running late and phoning my boyfriend in a flurry. The door bell rings, THANK THE GODS. So I pull on the cream bodycon and oh boy... I look good... better take a selfie.

A photo posted by Bee Cullen (@beebitches) on
I had a gorgeous time with my friends and I hope Hannah enjoyed her birthday. So Saturday was another friends birthday and hey presto, heres the dress I ordered earlier.
A photo posted by Bee Cullen (@beebitches) on

We ended up in Snobs which I am usually totally against but the last few times I've been were shockingly not too horrific. Met some cute new people and had a laugh so can't complain. On sunday we went go-karting for another persons 21st (why do they all come at once?). Oh god, how I can complain. I was not in the best of shape to begin with having gotten home at 5am but now everything aches. My back, my wrists, my neck, I have bruises on my legs and I'm not sure which day I got them. I came last, of course. I am a horrific driver, no honestly, I got a good few 'Calm Down' and 'Dangerous Driving' cards... I even managed to break my go-kart somehow and had to have a new one. Its safe to say I quit half way through and took photos of the lads karting.

We even had a pub lunch in Halesowen, Smokin Smokehouse (loads of bbq goodness) and a Footlong Tikka (2 foot naan and curry) shared with my boy. Came home to my moms rhubarb crumble! 


What started as a fashion post has quickly turned into a diary entry but basically, it is monday morning now and I've just checked back with boohoo to see if they have the dress. AND I'VE JUST ORDERED IT IN MY SIZE RIEDJGREJDSFKPED. So I've honestly had an epic weekend so thought I'd share. Only draw back is I have so much uni work to do now!

Todays moral: live life to the full and never let it get you down,

Bee x

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Firstly, I apologise for the colour imbalance on these photos, I'm not sure what happened but I blame my crappy phone camera. Anyway, I went for a pretty simple look the other day. I hardly ever wear black so I needed my denim jacket to stop myself from feeling like I was wallowing in gloom all day. Anyway, the denim jacket and dress I got from the same charity shop in Malvern on the May Day bank holiday, £7 for both and car boot jewellery as always. It was such a plain look I wasn't even going to document it but the male population seemed to take a liking to it.

The skirt wasn't that short but the wind was well, windy. I made my way down the road to the bus stop avoiding eye contact with two sets of builders and even made it both bus rides, there and back, without any comments. Even when I had a very unflattering 'Marilyn Monroe' moment. But I got a different bus and had to walk a little bit further than normal. The first suitor of the day thought it was very appropriate to lean out of the car window and shout 'BYOOTIHFULLL' (That means beautiful for all those non-brummies out there). I'll be honest, I let it go, I've had much less sincere things screamed at me in the past. I even smiled to myself thinking he probably thought he was being a gent and in another setting it could have been construed as a compliment.

The next suitor was much less eloquent, 'OI OIYYYY' and a loud beep erupted from his white van as he bombed past. 'Ahh, theres the normal thick-witted response I've learned to know and dispise' I thought to myself. But even as I shook my head and continued, the last suitor happened to ride past on his motorcycle, leaning so far back and looking so leary that I wanted to vomit.  Exclaimer: I am very proud of my brummy accent and of Birmingham but it just has a way of making people sound like the most common, scum of the earth. 'FUHHCKINNNN-ELL'. Mood ruined. THANK YOU VERY MUCH YOU SCUMBAG. That is what I should have bellowed after him with a certain middle finger gesture. Instead I took to twitter to rant and rave all my frustrations using the #everydaysexism tag.

Men of the world, please explain what you get out of doing this? You carry on driving so you can't expect to actually get a bang out of it. You can't surely believe its a harmless compliment when you set upon us with such venom? So what is it? Is the animalistic tendency in you so high that you physically need a verbal climax when you even see someone of the opposite sex? I just don't understand. I like girls too, I like seeing pretty girls, I like thinking about pretty girls, I just don't EVER feel the urge to scream it at them on the street... or anywhere for that matter. 

And the moral of the story is, dudes, just stop.

Bee x

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tiff and I found a lovely photo opp earlier thanks to the beautiful sunshine. My outfits pretty standard for me, I love this dress so much and it's another car boot find. It was £2 last year from Branson's Cross and my mocassins are from eBay. The two chokers were in a set from Forever 21, £4.50. The leather jacket, headpiece and necklace were car boot finds too... (Sorry, the majority of my wardrobe is second hand so this blogging thing is difficult). It was crazy windy today so my headpiece didn't really stay on very long although it looked really cute.

Oh, so you wanted to know whats been happening in my life right? Well I'm stressed. My uni work is crazy, I even quit Forever 21 after almost two years! Had a crazy night for my friends 21st birthday on Saturday and managed to fit in watching X-Men Days of Future Past with my family on Sunday (which is aweeesome btw). Then today I managed to get a ring swollen onto my finger which had to be cut off with pliers... fun! Anyway, this is Tiffany and I at uni, taken by a very cheeky builder who even asked for my number ;) 

Hey I still got it, Bee x

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I had a pretty lovely day out yesterday for the May Day Bank Holiday. Worked all of Saturday and Sunday but managed to make it to a car boot on Monday morning then I went to Malvern with my family. Found a pretty awesome Vinyl store  and some great charity shops. I found an original live Janis Joplin double vinyl, got a bandana tank top for £1.99 and a gorgeous denim jacket for a fiver. I also bought the most beautiful Opal necklace from Aquarius and my mom got me the earrings to match which shine so bright in the sunshine. 


Off-the-shoulder gypsy top - Maypole car boot £1

Mom jeans - Topshop MOTO £40
Fringed bum bag - River Island £16 (with 20% student discount)
Boots - New Look £14

Mirrored sunglasses - £4.50 Forever 21

We got loads of sushi for tea but ended up having lunch at the Wyche Inn pub. Its special as it's just up the road from where my great aunt lived and has the most gorgeous view. We sat in the beer garden with scampi and chips surrounded by all the walkers with their adoreable dogs. Check out this awesome stote pint glass!

Took some cute polaroids although it was super bright but my mom looks pretty happy sat in the sunshine waiting for us to finish sifting through all the records. I'm finding uni pretty difficult atm because I haven't done a business plan before, only creative subjects. I can write an essay easy enough, I mean I never shut up but motivating myself to do research as well as commute to uni and work is the hard part. Got a research date with my boy for Friday though to 'check out the pricing strategy' of the food and drink at BrewDog which should be fun!

Bee xxx

Thursday, 30 April 2015


Hey guys,

Tiffany and I decided to go on a little stroll after our lecture on Tuesday to take some outfit shots and ended up in Digbeth. This graffiti lady is my absolute favourite, every time I’m in Digbeth I have to check she’s still there! So here she is looking down on me with all those galactic spheres and happy vibes.

My outfit is a pretty standard, leather and denim can never go wrong. My studded jacket is one of my fave car boot finds, I think it was like a tenner but it was a few years ago and I really can’t remember. Jeans are my new fave, Levis Water<Less. They’re old season and I got them from TK Maxx for £38 and they fit beautifully. I tried on these in a 27 then a pair of Ralph Laurens in a 29 which I couldn’t even get over my thighs – go figure? Got my top from Select in the sales last year for like £6.

I’m kind of obsessed with jewellery at the moment. I always thought my neck was too fat for chokers but this one was in a pack of 3 for £1.99 in the New Look sale (I guess I buy a lot of stuff in the sales…). The earrings and shoes were also from New Look. My little amber sunshine necklace was another car boot gem and my beloved cross was left to me by my Great Aunt.

My headpiece is from work (Forever 21), its super cute and really easy to wear. It was £3.50 and makes me feel like a princess. I got my waistcoat from work too and I love the chain detail on the fringe, it was £28 but I got my 10% discount. I’m also wearing my Pandora bracelet on which I got for my birthday and I have never liked anything mildly Pandora until I opened this! It’s a wrap around bracelet but it also makes a pretty impressive choker when I want it to be.

Tiff and I have got a little pact to try and do as many outfit shoots as possible so I can start blogging regularly but it’s kind of insane that I only have 5 weeks left of uni. My project atm is international retailing and I’m looking at BrewDog which is nice because I’m a massive beer lover. I’m biased as I’ve drank real ale my whole life (Interesting fact: I had my first taste of beer when I was 9 months old because I stole some from my uncle who just happens to be a police officer, cheeky ;) but anyway, the growth of the craft beer market is pretty perfect for my project. You never know, maybe we’ll have to test the ales at BrewDog for our next outfit shoot… A few pints can surely be described as research, right!?!?!

Love Bee xxx

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